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Ready to go stable AFIO distribution with all git submodules (from master branch)

Single header file stable AFIO distribution, requires std::filesystem and Boost.ASIO in system headers

Boost.AFIO Jenkins CI status:

Unit test code coverage is: Coverage Status


OSCompilerSTLCPUBuildUnit tests
Static analysisclang 3.7 tidy + static analyser + GCC 4.8
Thread Sanitiserclang 3.4libstdc++ 4.9x64
ValgrindGCC 4.8libstdc++ 4.8x64
Apple Mac OS X 10.9clang 3.5libc++x64
Android 5.0clang 3.5libc++x86
GCC 4.8libc++x86
FreeBSD 10.1 on ZFSclang 3.4libc++x86
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTSclang 3.3libstdc++ 4.8x86
clang 3.4libstdc++ 4.8x86
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTSclang 3.5libstdc++ 4.9x64
clang 3.5libstdc++ 4.9ARMv7
clang 3.6libstdc++ 4.9x64
clang 3.7libstdc++ 4.9x64
GCC 4.8libstdc++ 4.8x64
GCC 4.9libstdc++ 4.9x64
GCC 4.9libstdc++ 4.9ARMv7
GCC 5.1libstdc++ 5.1x64
Microsoft Windows 8.1Mingw-w64 GCC 4.8libstdc++ 4.8x64
Visual Studio 2015Dinkumwarex64